Lake Westmere, Whanganui

On our last trip to Whanganui, we stopped at this little wildlife refuge at
Lake Westmere on Rapanui Road. You can walk all the way around the lake,
about 45 minutes walking, but we just went a little ways down the path.
Hubby found a tui that was too busy eating nectar from the kowhai trees to notice us.

I was trying to get a shot of the reeds in the water, but my
view was mostly obstructed. I think the shots I got are quite
moody and interesting, though.

Mt Taranaki and WATW

 It was windy but still beautiful last weekend.

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Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

This lovely bridge was part of the scenery when Hubby took me for pizza
beside the sea yesterday. Te Rewa Rewa Bridge opened on 2010. Read more here.