Wednesday around the World

This was the scene we took in while
snarfing down KFC last weekend.

It's the last month of winter here in New Zealand and I
have had spring fever for weeks already!
We'd love to see what your world looks like this week!

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my spring garden

Little by little spring is showing herself. These flowers are from my garden,
with tulips and irises and poppies budding--oh, my!

off-beat history

I showed you this public toilet in an earlier post
When I googled the school to give you more information, 
I ended up shaking my head. 
Here's what Wikipedia says about the town of Marco:

...The settlement is named from Marco Road, which runs a short distance to the 
northwest. The road was named after a dog owned by the district surveyor, 
Mr Sladden. Marco was killed in the middle of the road line by a 
huge boar while he and his master were pig hunting.

This lovely mural is located at the entrance to the short walkway to the historic grave of 
John Morgan, a surveyor.  When you get to the grave, it seems to be deep in the bush, 
but you can see it from the road.