ocean views

 No matter how many times I see it, the ocean always amazes me when I see it.
These islands are called the Sugar Loaf Islands which surround an underground volcano.


driving taranaki

Lichen covers many rural buildings and fences in Taranaki.

A touch of the Southern US in New Plymouth!

I am curious what these walls would be used for. 

There is a stream to the right, just below the trees and I wonder if the two are connected.

Wild onions are everywhere along the road at this time of year. I love seeing them.

White lilies grow wild in many paddocks around the area.


Wednesday around the World

For some reason, this art deco building makes me smile every time we
go by it on the main street in Pahiatua.

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spring flowers

I finally had some great weather for photos of the garden.


gulls on an island

We went to New Plymouth today and stopped at some of the lookouts.
The water was such a lovely color in the sun, but the photos didn't even come close!
So, I will show you one of the Sugar Loaf Islands  and the gulls on hanging out on it.


underwater drops

We have had a lot of rain this winter (12 months' worth in 8 months, says the weatherman) and I haven't had a lot of chances to walk down our road this spring. So, when the sun came out and I could stretch my legs  this week, I noticed that there was a running stream on one side of the road and a still pond along the other side.  

Looking closer, I was very surprised to see that the clover under the water on the pond side had drops of water  oxygen (Thanks, Yamini!) on the leaves[though, I still like the idea of it being a water drop]. This is definitely something that I've never seen before!

I was reluctant to post these photos because, at first glance, they look badly taken.
But, I wanted to share this bit of bizarre nature with those who would appreciate it :)


at Okato cemetery

This is one of the stops on our latest drive around Taranaki.  I find the
diversity of headstones interesting.


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Harrier Hawk

You might remember from earlier posts that there is a hawk that lives close to our house. Every day, I see him (her?) flying along the fence lines looking for food. Since they are opportunistic eaters,   Hubby will occasionally bring fresh roadkill back to the house. 

I know that sounds weird, but we use it for photo opportunities because they are very skittish birds. I close the curtains in one room enough to see the roadkill but still be hidden and Hubby places it in the field paddock in the right place.

 I thought it was a bit strange that the latest rabbit laid in the grass for a couple of days with no notice. Then, there he was! 

But, there was something off about his color. I didn't remember a white patch on his head but just figured I wasn't as observant as I like to think I am :).

I won't bore you with ALL the photos I took!

And, as I was snapping away, another hawk showed up!

The second hawk had the white feathers on his head, too. Just after I snapped this shot, he landed a ways away and kept his back to the hawk that was eating. 

When that one was done and walked away, the second hawk ate.

Come to find out, the white feathers indicated juvenile birds. 

And, while I was watching these two, I noticed a hawk in the background that I'm sure was Twitchie (our resident hawk) scouring the hedges.

Since I've only ever seen a second hawk during mating season, I have no idea where these two came from or what they were doing in my part of the area. I will have to keep an eye out for them to see if they hang around.

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